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 ...growth and career development; Travel expenses paid by the company; Free food and accommodation; Travel to the world’s most exotic destinations; Complete your contract successfully and you will be invited for another; Apply today to be considered for this... 

Crew Manning

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Informatician și tehnician echipamente de calcul și rețele

 .../Linux, protocoale TCP/IP) cunoștințe minime de limba engleză; cunoștințe minime în domeniul limbajelor de programare moderne/exotice (Rust, Go, Kotlin, Typescript, Swift, Dart, Julia, Python 3, PureScript, Reason, Red, Nim, Pony, Elixir (Erlang), Hack etc.) cunoștințe... 

Universitatea Maritimă din Constanţa

7 zile în urmă

Lead WordPress Developer

 ...intern used a small internal hackathon as an opportunity to learn a new programming language by asking “can the blocks be made in exotic programming languages like PureScript, F# with Fable or Elm?” For this particular role, you’ll need to understand WordPress really... 


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