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Studio Moderna

Anul fondarii 1996
Numarul de angajati până la 1000 angajați

Studio Moderna is a leading provider in the region who offers you a single entry point for 21 markets across Central & Eastern Europe with a strong multi-brand strategy and unbeatable omnichannel support.

We believe that our people are our greatest strength. We are successful in what we do because we hire, develop and empower smart people who have the passion to make a significant contribution to our business. We encourage and admire the doers and the movers. Join us on our journey to deliver a great experience with brands and products that users love.

At Studio Moderna, we employ professionals in a range of functions. Whether working in sales or marketing, IT or R&D and sourcing, or as a part of the supply chain, legal or human resources, we're all obsessed with serving our customers.

Inspiring and dynamic, a career at Studio Moderna means staying ahead of the competition, bringing outstanding results and moving quickly as well as being part of great set of people to work with and providing the world with brands and products you're proud of.

Locuri de muncă la Studio Moderna