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Anul fondarii 1947
Numarul de angajati până la 500 angajați

Our Group started life in 1947 thanks to the creativity and know-how of one man, Mr Roland DEDIENNE.

Since then, filled with the same volition and spirit to succeed, our Group has evolved and developed thanks to the boldness and professionalism of its teams over its unique Multiplasturgy ® concept.

The legacy of the spirit, the values and the name will always be alive in the Group.

Structured around 6 poles of expertise and their knowledge of high performance polymers, DEDIENNE MULTIPLASTURGY® GROUP is a world class innovative technological partner combining its MULTIPLASTURGY® concept around the design and manufacturing of parts and sub-assemblies using high performance plastics & composites for metal replacement.

Locuri de muncă la DEDIENNE Romania

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