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Swoboda - a globally established family-owned company for components in automotive electronics

Swoboda is a family owned company that operates worldwide – more than 3.200 employees develop and manufacture high-precision metal-plastic components for automobile electronics in our facilities, totaling 90,000 square meters of building floor area n Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, USA, Mexico and China. Every day, more than 1.000,000 prefabricated components leave our factories. And we offer a range from manual workspaces up to fully automatic, multi level production lines. With our know-how and highly specialized manufacturing capabilities, we are a worldwide leader in in our product sector.

As a company, we set very ambitious objectives and aim at the continual development of our enterprise. To achieve our objectives, we are always in search of highly qualified personnel – communicative, solution-orientated team players who enjoy technology and new developments. Employees who are committed to their work and who use the freedom they have for individual professional development.

We offer our employees an environment in which they will find satisfaction in

their daily work, place high demands on themselves and also be encouraged to meet those demands. An environment where there is mutual trust and respect, where personal responsibility and development is paramount and where we all work together as a team.

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